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port hacking addiction

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+1 for Techni Ice.

Bought a 200L from them 4 months ago.

Full day in the boat with two bags of ice gets the drinks very cols ( even in such a large container ) and after 9 hours in the boat I used the Ice for drinks that night as it was 90% frozen in the bag still!!

Tip - I bought from online shop direct of Teckni Ice and payed half what they were listed for. Delivery 2 days to my door.



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i think one of the most important parts of the iceboxes is the latches and sealing part of the box ,mine is probably about 10yrs old and most of the rubber seal on lid has warped and also the latches

which are made of rubber 1 has busted and it wasnt a cheap icebox to start in the 70l category. so id give the techni ice one;s a good lookover .

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