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Sea anchors


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Hey fishos, ive just bought a sea anchor for the 1st time and was wondering the best way to rig/set it up. The boats a fibreglass 590 Walkaround. The anchor is 650 mm in diameter and 750mm long...

Would prefer the 1 line so it easy to retrieve but im not sure what length rope i need, weather to use rope or would bungee chord be better? and also where to tie it off too?

With only 1 arm would prefer not to tie it off the bow so i dont have to go up there in a messy sea.

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated... :thumbup:

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I always attach mine to a stern cleat as most boats drift stern to the wind anyway. I have a 4 way bridle to each tow point on the anchor and a float attached to the rear of the sock to keep the 'chute as high in the water as possible to make it easier to both fish around and to retreive also. My main line has a couple of eyes in it to adjust the length dependent on the wind ie the windier the further back to help clear the fishing lines. Your anchor is relitively small for your boat so shouldnt cause any problems being attached at the rear. They are an invaluable asset when drift fishing in strong wind or current.



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