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Shoalhaven at Longreach


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Hi Raiders,

Next Monday I'm off to Nowra for 3 days R & R before coming back and going to hospital to be 'scoped. I'll be staying at Longreach, about 15 mins drive west of Nowra, and I'll be staying at accomodation that has waterfront access and at least a canoe, possibly a tinnie with outboard.

Has anyone got any tips about fishing that area of the Shoalhaven? Like, what species to target, best part of the tide (high tide there is about midday on Monday, 1pm Tuesday, etc) and so on. There's a feeder creek nearby. Should I fish the entrance to that and/or go a bit upstream? Any info would be appreciated as I know I could jump in the car and fish the hot spots east of the bridge, but I would like to really explore this part of the river, seeing as I will be based there for the three days with "she who must be obeyed".

BTW, because she has crook knees, the dear girl is never confident of getting in or out of a small boat safely, so I'll be fishing solo on the river.

Perhaps a Raider lives down that way and has the time and inclination to assist me personally. If so, PM me, please.



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