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Barra at mondy 2012


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Well raiders that time of year has come again where basscatcher and I head up to monduran dam in search for our favourite fish, the mighty (yet sometimes frustrating) barramundi. This report will only be a what has happened so far rundown as I am sitting in our camp with a beer and food waiting.

Day one started with a later wake up for no fish, a few strikes and electric motor issues.

Day two with an earlier wake up we got on the water just before actual sun rise with a few early follows on surface frogs and a couple of follows we headed deeper into the timber to last years "honey hole" where we scored 3 fish (basscatcher 2 me 1). The arvo sessions had us exploring where we found a good weedy bay where I dropped 2 fish, one which was a 65-70cm

Today found us back in our honey hole on time and got us 8fish with 3 over 60cm for the morning then in the arvo basscatcher got a 69cm leaving me with a donut and the loser shirt



To be continued

post-11518-042176000 1348652724_thumb.jpg

post-11518-021362800 1348653218_thumb.jpg

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Great stuff mate. :yahoo:

Would love to come up for the w/end but the AFL

grand final with the Swans playing & the trip to the Gee wins out.

It was nice to chat with you this arvo & good luck with the bigger

fish that are going to come out to play over the next few days. :biggrin2:

Don't worry about what your Dad is catching! Just keep slow rolling a 5-7 inch

white Hollow belly smothered in X factor on a 1/4oz 7/0 button jig & get that 1mtr plus fish. :thumbup:

Looking forward to the next update.



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