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My New Reel


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I finally decided to retire my battered Abu TC 1000 reel. What's better way to replace it with another Abu reel?

My budget only allows me to go for may be a Cardinal, but as luck would have it, I found a Soron SX10 around my budget range.

The parcel came though today, and I took a bad photo of the reel. Just imagine the reel look 1000x better in the flesh than the photo.

post-8382-039386200 1348732455_thumb.jpg

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Great reels, I have all the Soron STX range and a few more plus a couple of the SX models, they have not let me down yet, i've only upgraded the drag in a couple of them.

I did have a Revo Premier Spin also but had issues with it so changed it for another Pflueger XTS which are also awesome reels.

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