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Maritime Inspectors and good deeds

Twinfisher 4.9

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This morning - holiday Monday - at Bayview (Rawsons Reserve) in Pittwater a Maritime Inspector was on duty checking out each boat before launching. He was very amiable but also took everything in. I was all in order and he even checked my bungs - I jokingly said I have only ever done that once and never again. And then he let me down badly - he failed to tell me that I had not disconnected my safety chain and he could have saved me making an utter Goose of myself! No matter how many hundreds of times you have launched a boat you can still forget something. My only excuse is it was my first venture out for months after the winter lay-up.......but I won't do that again either! :biggrin2:

Later in the day, near Little Mackerel Beach, a boat had engine problems and was drifting towards the rocks at the southern end. I was just about to head over but the boat that does the garbage collection for the Mackerel Beach resident's garbage bins headed over and took a tow rope. Minutes later a Waterways Rescue vessel pulled up but the guys in the garbage collection boat said, "no problem, we'll look after it". How lucky are we on the water around Sydney and you gotta love that attitude. Well done all. :thumbup:

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The Maritime boat on Port Hacking today was working overtime, must have seen it towing at least 4 differant boats. Must have been a lot of people on their 1st trip this spring out today!!

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