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Botany Bay 16/7/05


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Hit the bay about 7/30 dam cold stiff breeze from south west went up to Brighton in front of the Novatel stayed in close to keep out of the wind,slow start useing 100 mm squidgies changed over to 3" bass minnows and bingo 3fish in 5 casts caught a few small fish .things slowed down and the wind picked up, got back to the ramp at 10/30 got 7 fish, all up a very pleasant morning see pict :1fishing1::1fishing1::1clap::1clap::1clap:


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Hi Buster,

We were in there as well but later in the day. Only managed the one flatty. We were using storm shads and squidgy's.

Sounds like we should have given the BM's a run. :05:

Good to see you got a few - good on ya!


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