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Pittwater EP


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I went back to my spotX yesterday and dropped the same grub into the same spot and dragged this out. It went 43cm. Is that big?. I have no idea of what size they even get to. But i did eat the damn thing and I will be catch and release from now on.

post-2999-006507200 1349728199_thumb.jpg

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Odd capture for pittwater? Must be up the back end of town.. Great fish though :thumbup:

Yeah, it was right next to the water police. There is a slipway on the southern side and in that small area just flick all around the pylons there. Just have your boat up to scratch as you could throw a squidgie into their office.And no wonder the fish get big there,who's gonna lurk around that area. I have seen BIG bream there, and that is my next target. Just hope the boys dont mind me cruisin' in and snatching a couple of their pets. :ph34r:

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