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Have 35' boat in Sydney, need fishing companion/s


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G'day Fishraiders,

I have been in Sydney for about 10 years (originally from Perth) and I have a 35 ft power catamaran on a mooring on the harbour near Abbotsford. The boat is very comfortable and is a good over-nighter. I have done almost no fishing in Sydney and would like to meet up with people who can show me the ropes on the harbour and also outside, weather permitting (no fun bouncing around on rough days). No matter if you are a bloke one out, a couple or a female who loves to fish, either way that will do me mighty fine so long as you know where to catch the fish. I am 62, married, retired, live right in the center of Sydney. My wife gets sea sick just looking at a bathtub full of water so unfortunately not keen on boating at all, but it is in my blood and I have always had a boat but now in Sydney all my old fishing buddies are a long way away. I need to get back into fishing, not constantly but get to a point where I can call up a fishing mate and go for it. The boat is super-economical to run at low revs and burns 5 liters an hour at 8 knots which is my preferred speed on the harbour. I wouldn't expect any fuel contribution fishing on the harbour. Any interest appreciated.

Tight lines - Brarko

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