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Smith's Creek whiting


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Trailer-sailer up to top end of Smith's Creek; anchored Thursday pm for a quiet overnight. Pumped some nippers, fished upping tide from dusk, and not a bite until an undersize Bream rattled the tied-off rod at 3am. Usually can't keep a nipper on the hook up here for more than a few minutes with undersize or just-legal whiting, bream, flatties or rays around. Never known it so "nothing". By 10am Friday declared "last cast" before releasing nippers ready to set sail for windier waters. Then saw a school of small whiting going past the edge of the seagrass; cast in front and they just kept going! Ah well, wind it in and set sails. Suddenly retrieve gets heavy; dammit - snagged on light gear? except the snag was moving, then fighting solidly. Result: 41.5cm of whiting. Motivation takes over, son casts, and a 38cm whiting. Then session over! Good feeling all the same.

I have a feeling a 41cm whiting is probably one I'm not likely to repeat for a while, particularly after a fishing show this morning declared a 39cm whiting "the fish of a lifetime", so I got it out of the fridge to get a photo before cooking it!

post-18829-045418900 1350803334_thumb.jpg

Love reading the reports but never had anything worth reporting before.

Keep on sharing!

Redfish (Paul)

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Yep, I hit the bays just up from apple tree bay, using lightly weighted soft plastic imitation nippers. These had worked an absolute treat the week before on flatties up in port stephens, and stayed on the hook much longer than the real ones! :thumbup: I'm not sure how'd they'd go with whiting, but for flatties, the were very good.

But in trying out 3 -4 bays around apple tree bay, not a nibble apart from a leather jacket. A fair few mullet about though.

Pretty quiet up that way still - water temp must be too low still.

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