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Beaches around Bulli?


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Hey Raiders,

I'm down in Thirroul/Wollongong/Bulli for the next two weeks for a uni placement and am wondering if anyone has had any past experiences fishing the beaches in the area? Will mainly be targeting salmon.



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Normally yes.

Salmon was something I was actually getting annoyed with at one stage as I would catch fish upon fish and they were always over 60 cms...

Now I have not caught one for about 2 months now....

Pilleis on a paternoster were the go though..

Let me know how it pans out..

Im going to go this weekend at bulli though PM if your keen

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Bulli is one of the best jew beaches in the area first sambo or even beter tailor strip up and put it back out seen some monsters come out of there

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Which beach??

The one south the Bulli Surf Club or north of the club?

I usually fish Sandon Pt in front of the aboriginal tin town there, is that where you are referring to?

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Ended up going down to Austinmer for a couple of hours after work on Tuesday night. I always rig a surf popper to my paternosters on the beach, and 80% of the fish I land are taken on the popper over the bait.

Anyway, long story short, landed countless undersized flathead (3 keepers, on pippies), the tailor were out in force, but only 1 actually landed, and 4 smaller salmon on the ganged pilchard. Also had an eel on (about 1-1.5m) that spat the hook in the wash, I'd never caught or even hooked an eel off the beach before so this was an exciting sighting for me!!

Anyway, not a bad little evening session overall.

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