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Broken Bay Monday 18th


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Markd and I hit the water around 6am keen to have a shot at a winter jew. We had the run out tide in our favour. Bait collecting was an utter waste of time, so with only 'berley' for bait we fished Juno for a few hours for nothing but choppers. The weather was ok so we decided to head out to Trawleys for a bottom bash, a few drifts only came up with a couple of slimies, miniture flatties and a tiny snapper. :thumbdown: The water was a sick green and there was no current, as they say 'no run, no fun!' Absoloute crap day of fishing, but a nice relaxling day on the water anyway.

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by contrast, i had to go to a client that owes me several hundred thousand dollars and demand a cheque, bank it, answer about a dozen calls and review a report. I know whose day i would rather be having, fish or no fish.


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Guest MarkD

lol Iain :074:

As Bashir has said there was'nt much to report. :05:

Good to meet you Bashir and thanks again for the trip

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