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Where Is...part 2

Guest Jocool

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This picture was taken today. It is of a very popular waterway, which of course, I wont name just yet! :thumbsup:

So lets see who can get it first! Id hazard a guess...and give away a clue...by saying ...I think Big Pete will get this one! :nana:

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I take me hat of to ya Byron! :thumbsup: So quick outta the blocks too! :bigfart:

I saw that Big Pete was online and figured him for a shoe in as he fishes down that way!

If I had wanted to be a Crunt I would have asked for more info...then Chris would have got it! I was standing on the wharf when I took it!

Bluecod...Is that what the beach is called behind the wharf???

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Guest bluecod


The beach to the west of the public wharf is Hordens Beach, the beach in behind those boats in the pic is Gunyah Beach and the beach further to the east is Jibbon Beach, There is a very small beach further to the east of Jibbon Beach but don't go there unless you want to be confronted by one eyed trouser snakes. :(

You get around a bit, Avalon yesterday and Bundeena today - what's on the menu for tomorrow [getting a forward start in case you post more pics!] :grogon:

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