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Lowrance Elite dsi x5


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Hi All,

I have been in the market for a new fish finder and really fancy the Lowrance elite x5 dsi... I just today won an elite x5 dsi colour finder on online shop for less than expected price and was drilling into some of the specs to try and understand why... and from what i can see this particular unit has Sonar Output Power Max: Peak-to-peak 2,400W / RMS 500 W and Sonar Depth Max: 200 ft \ 61 m. Other more expensive models have a Max Peak-To-Peak 4,000 W / RMS 500 W and Sonar Depth Max 250 ft \ 76 m and above and beyond...

Not sure if this is entirely a bad thing as it is going on a 4.5 mtr run about that does not generally go in waters deeper than 200ft.. but was hoping that i could access knowledge base at hand within the raider team and get some advice.



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