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Need Rod/Reel For Summer :)


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Hi mate.

If you want to CATCH kings from the wharves and stones etc you will need some pretty serious gear.

If live baiting i wouldnt use anything less than 24KG rod, preferably even heavier i run 80lb braid on my beasty livebaiting setup which handles PE8 line well.

the perfect outfit for kings isnt the same as the perfect outfit for jew.

You need more combos lol.

fishing lures for them hehe good luck landing them from wharves on rods that cast lures well. (thats a serious challenge)

A boat comes in real handy when lure fishing for kings.

if i were you id be looking at livebaiting for them. use the 2-5kg rod to catch squid onsite.

The combo youve bought is perfect for jewies on lures id be spooling it up with quality 15lb braid and some 20-30lb fluro leader.

Good luck on your kingy mission, the pains coming lol.

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I don't think 10ft6in is too long for spinning from the rocks. I use a Daiwa SJ106MH with 30ln braid and a Shimano Biomaster SW6000HG for my spinning off the rocks. A little light if you're targetting big kings but I've landed kings to 9kg (97cm) king from the stones with it. If you're purely live baiting though, or if you're planning on chucking big poppers, a popping rod between 8-9ft might be better though. However, you'd probably want a larger/heavier reel and run at least 50lb braid then.

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