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danjera dam report


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Hi everyone just letting you know about Danjera Dam. I'll start with the road in witch is dirt and you could get stuck in the if the weather is really wet.

Do not take a low clearance car down there. Camp site. It has 2 main sites. The 1st one is the smallest and has long drop toilets.

The 2nd camp site is the better one as it is closer to the water and has flushing toilets. There is wood around for fires but would bring some of your own.

If you have kayak or car topper there's a place to put them in and leave them on the bank if you're there for a few days. I didn't get to see a lot of the dam

but what I did was A1.

I was going down there for two nights with the family but the heat was out of control on Friday and had problems with my fridge. So only stayed for one night.

Didn't get to go fishing as the kids didn't cope with the heat to well. I will be definitely be going back many more times when not as hot, as it is a cracking

place to go with a lot of fishing to be done.

Hope this helps everyone



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