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Friday Arvo on Botany Bay


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My reports seem to be all about Trevally , but i just love catching these things they just go so hard on light gear, got out again last Friday and managed 6 keepers 38cm and up best was 40cm , as well as 1 Bream 30cm which i released.The cloud cover was just perfect and the wind didn't scare them off at all .check out my dodgey video filmed on my phone which i tied to my tackle box the angle wasn't the best but i did get 3 hook ups recorded.Hopefully Santa will bring me a " GO PRO " camera so i can get some better footage.Cheers Mark

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Hahaha I couldn't stop laughing when you were handling the first fish slippery bast@rd hahahaha

Well done mate good to see you having fun!

My wife said to me who are you talking to ?, i said the fish darling who else. But seriously try picking one of those mongrels up 1 handed it aint easy

thanks for checking out my channel


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