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Middle Harbour last night


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Hey Raiders,

Headed out last night with a mate at about 6pm from Tunks and downrigged a fresh squid through the moorings at Quakers Hat Bay for no luck. The wind was blowing a touch but the sun was peeping so not the worst conditions. We continued right around until D'albora, no takers and no sign of any bait. Decided to have a crack with the wind starting at Balgowlah and working through Clonny, still downrigging the squid and an unweighted Slimy on the surface (much to the interest of the birds ofcourse). All quiet.

Anchored up just before the turn of the outgoing and burley big. Yakkas and slimy's came from everywhere and we soon had a live bait tank full. Down they went, 4 in total at a time. Lost a few to squid, with the trademark 50c peice missing behind the head and caught a 3ft eel (I'd rather catch my eyeball!!!!). Bait was every where but no takers on my livies or strips of squid or bonito. Flicked a few plastics and squid jigs around for a bit too with no luck.

Night fishing is very new for me, as I spend most of my time getting kings of a morning before work. I am very confident of getting kings of a morning both on the surface and with livies, just would like to branch out my fishing horizons a bit. I would be happy to trade a few 'tips for tips' with any raiders that need some help with the kings! Ha. The Fishraider community at its best!!!!



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You might want to give sugar loaf bay a crack early evening on the run in tide. there are a few deep holes to 18mtrs that produce good size jewfish. I spend a bit of time over the wreck at Quakers for Kingies but no luck of late. any tips would be great.

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