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New Flash: Mario's 1st Rainbow !

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Due the probream fish ban on our beloved parra river, me and mario decided we shld try something different and decided we need to break Mario's trout "Cherry". So up we left early in the morning for TCD for another try of those elusive trout. With the barometer holding steady we were pretty confident on a good outing. Well..... i mean with a 3 hr drive it better be gd. As usual on the way there we have the conversation of how many huge trout just like the ones swoffa lands which we are gonna get. The road there was tough due to the bad fog conditions. But we got there all safe and sound. Meeting the security guard there when he saw that we were there to fish all he said what " Jeeze u guys are kneen." It was freezing. Things we do for a fish.

Anyway we hiked up to the dam and we were greeted by a beautiful sight of glass flat water and the sun peaking out. It gonna be a great day!!! Off we went to start fishing the walls. The jumping and slashing trout really got us excited. Looks like things are looking gd. Mario started out with a spoon while i started out with a rapala rainbow coloured countdown. well..... to make a long story short we tried every single hard body we had in our tackle box and still couldn't get any interest. i tried from countdowns to rattling raps to spoons to even tassie devils. Nothing!!! prefect weather but no fish. Someone forgot to tell the fish they were supposed to bite today!! :05:

Well mario kinda of got tired and decided to tie on a Bass minnow to slow things down. Within 5 mins he has a rainbow come in to have a look. He got pretty excited and on the next couple of cast he came up tight on a gd fish. His trout actually jumped a couple of times and pulled some drag. Gd stuff. after landing the nice 2lb rainbow. we took a couple of shots and off she went back into the lake. high fives for mario!!! He has pop the cherry!!! So thats what theye were taking SP fished slow. we'll catch truckloads of them now. Now here comes the problem. Both of us didn;t bring our stock of Sps with us! :ranting2: . Oh well Mario had another old 3 inch hawg in his box we i rigged up with that one and off we went back fishing. Within 5 mins my line tightened up and i was connected to a another trout. This time it was a brown. Not a huge one but a decent one weighing 3 lbs. :biggrin2:. well we are rolling them in now.

Unfortunately after that we both had one more solid hookup each which pulled the hooks. we then lost the only 2 Sps we had. :thumbdown: the sun was going down so we decided to call it quits.

So in the end no monsters like swoffa but an achievement for mario never the less. Good on u mate. Now we need to plan the next trip for the 5lb both of us are dreaming abt. I guess we shld drag swoffa and matt there to show us the ropes. Anyway hope everyone enjoy the pics.




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Geez, its been ages since I posted

well done fellas, as Swoffa mentioned we were out Wed for zilch BUT it was a beautiful day to be out, thanks Swof

might be heading out on Sunday to give it another go


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