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locating squid in the port(help)

bream reeper

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Hi raiders,need help to locate squid in the hacking,any locations would be appreciated...thanks...

They're all along the edges of the entrance of Yowie Bay where ever there are weedbeds. But like fishing, you may catch alot in one spot and then none the next day so you just gotta drift around really and pick your times, spots and the right jigs.



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Also mate on the eastern side off jibbon beach ! Find the weed an find the squid !

Find the weed is deadset right.

Anywhere from Jibbon and Bass and Flinders right down to Gymea will deliver squid in the kelp and weed beds at various times. When the water is a bit dirty head out the front but normally a bit of a search will turn them up.


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Hey Mick,

Caught these boys last night with a mate in a couple hours down at Yowie Bay .... Just drifting over the weed beds. We found the best time there is about an hour after the wharf light turns on until it turns off again.



post-17897-045707100 1357425332_thumb.jpg

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hey guys thanks for the tips on finding the squid. Question for you in relation to the weedbeds, will the squid live in real thick weed beds or do they only live in weedy areas broken up with sandy patches? Would the thick weedy areas at the entrance to SW arm hold squid or is this too much?



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