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Soft plastics & Bait


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Hey guys,

Im planning on doing some drifting boat fishing, was just wondering what people thought of having a double set up of

both a soft plastic and a bait at the same time.

Can someone explain how i might try and rig it and whether its an effective method?


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If your fishing bottom for snapper, flathead, kings, whiting, bream, jewfish: use a paternoster rig.

2 droppers, most bottom loop will have your plastic. dont put a jig head on it as you already have a sinker on the bottom and you dont want to restrict movement.

What you could also do is have a heavy jig head as the bottom weight and put a plastic on that.

Larger flick baits and GULP jerk shads work well like this on reefs.

If you got 2 rods though, rig one with a lure and one with bait, that way you can work them as effectively as possible.

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