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Small Redfin as live bait for Trout


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Hi, as the title says, are small (30-50mm) redfin any good as live bait for trout? I was down at Devilbend Reservoir today and not having much luck with various lures so I put the baitcatcher in just to see what I'd come up with and got about half a dozen tiny redfin in it. Only tried fishing with them for a short time before I had to leave. Am I wasting my time using these as bait?

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Hi Mate, I used to live in Carrum Downs, I was waiting for them to open devilbend, but moved to Sydney before they did around 4 years ago.

Shame too, as you know it is literally 30 minutes up the road from Carrum Downs!

As for Redfin as bait, I'm not sure. I would say that the small (3-4 inch) fish would be, however never fished them as live bait for Trout.

I reckon you'd be better of getting some 3 inch powerbait minnows and fish them very lightly weighted with a 1/40 hidden weight jig head. Fish it with a twitch twitch, pause style retrieve.

Deadly method for minnow feeding Trout. I had a look on the net, looks good the ol bend, good sized Trout in there now too.

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Didn't get a bite all day! Kids jumping in the water around where we were fishing probably wasn't helping matters either :( Only got two small redfin in the bait net late in the day so didnt get much of a chance to try them out. Might head back this weekend and try again.

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