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Quick Flick at the Georges.


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Went down to test out my new rod that i just bought. Shimano T-Curve 1-3kg rod, I was casting up a storm, I was using little halco scorpions and was amazed to watch the amount small bream that kept smashing the little lure. After about an hour of constantly casting, I became extremely bored and started to wind in the lure at a pace snails would call slow. As I was doing this a decent bream was shadowing the lure. I paused the lure and watched in anticipation as the lure gradually rose to the surface. The bream slowly started to rise with the lure and then just turned and left.

I sat there completely crushed that I didn't hook him. After a few more casts I moved to a rock wall to fish off of and changed over to some small plastics. A massive silver flash caught my eye about 6 meters away from where i was perched. Then a big cloud of sand welled up from the same spot. Still shocked by the disturbance I didn't notice the school Jewie make its way out of the cloud of sand and sit almost in a foot of water near a mangrove tree. He was only a little bloke of about 4 or 5 kg's. I danced a bigger plastic not too far away from his nose but he was not in the mood. I accidently bumped him with the plastic and he casually swam off to the depths.

First time I had ever seen a jewie in my life, was pretty thrilled about it. Interesting to note that all the small bream in the area started schooling behind the jewie and followed it as it swam away. Later a few massive mullet started swimming along the shallows.

So todays totals were, minus one lure, got a few hits. Saw some awesome stuff. All in all was an ok day :biggrinthumb: .

P.S. If anyone has any really good tips or anything they could share with me on hard bodies for bream then send me a message.



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Top stuff man. I can believe what you say when you say the jewfish swam off with bream following him. Ive seen jewfish caught and with immediate succession, bream caught. Bream and flathead are the biggest bicatch when fishing for jews, apart from the stingrays.

Couple days ago I caught my first bream on plastic. I was cheering, it was well over legal too and compared to catching it the old typical way(heavier gear with bait and sinker) its an absolute blast. When we were trying, I was flicking out every colour vibe. Some el cheapos which in the past I have had hits on but also some tt in goldish colour which Ive seen videos of people catching them on. I couldn't get a touch. Ive got a river2sea popper which in the right situation could entice a bream but I wouldn't hold my breath on it all too often.

You've also got the river2sea rover lure which is similar to the popper but the head of the lure is angled down which should give it abit of a down push action with the same effects as a popper. Next objective for me is to catch a bream on a vibe or any hard body lure. Ive seen a bream caught by some other guy on a vibe. It was a red coloured head with a plastic looking opaque pearl colour body.

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