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I am one of those people who the fishing stores must hate. My gear is predominantly old, tried and true stuff and while it continues to do the job I am loathe to replace it. However here is one for you blokes who know the latest gear and use it. If I was to go out to buy a good quality egg beater for the purpose of throwing baits and lures using 8 - 10 kg braid or mono from a top line 11-12 foot rod from the beach or rocks, which reels should I consider?

While I would not say no expense spared, I would consider buying in the higher priced end of the market to get something good that will go the distance. That policy has worked in the past, considering the age of some of my gear!

Any thoughts?

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Guest Jocool

If you hadn't mentioned the braid...I would have said Alvey!

If I'm using an eggbeater, it's either a big Okuma, or a smaller Daiwa. Depends on the size. If I was buying one now, it would defenitely be a Shimano Spheros. Gutsy reels, smooth drag, and SS gears inside. But as the Crazy guy said...a Baitrunner is a great option too.

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Guest hottuna
going for beach or rocks...

shimano baitrunner... cant go past it


I agree a good example of a tried and very tested reel, another is the good old spinfisher (or better for braid penn slammer), its hard with out knowing what youd like to spend, shimano spheros are another great midrange reel. The list is endless....

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Guest MarkD

I had a good look at the smallest (3500?) Shimano baitrunner last week and it certainly looks the goods. As it turned out it was too big for my Atlantic Salmom spin rod and I settled for a Shimano Nexave which performed well on it s first outing but would probably be a bit small for your intentions.

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I use a Penn Spinfisher 8500. I've never tried it with braid and don't intend to really. If I were in your position, reels I would look at would include:


spheros, big baitrunner, thunnus


Emblem x5500 - I think thats the model??



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Thank you for all the reel advice. Having just given my son his 21st birthday present, which was a rock/beach rod custom built on a Purglas blank by our own Allen Glover, he will now have to put a reel on it. Without wishing to sound as though I am Allen's payroll, this rod truly is a thing of beauty. Even if it fishes only half as well as it looks, it will be a huge success. The first time it gets a scratch will cause us both a deep depression!

The Baitrunner seems to be close to the top of most lists and would also double as a boat reel for offshore use

I looked on the Shimano web site and noted that there was a shallow spooled version of the big Baitrunner, obviously to aid casting distance. As this rod is likely to get a lot of use throwing lures, that might well be the way to go. Maybe with two spools, one braid, the other mono.

Dan, thanks for the advice about your Shimano sale. We may see you before long.

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Hi Cameron,

I am also a big fan of the Baitrunner, it is very versatile.

See the Swap and Sell section, my mate Nick has a Baitrunner for sale at $120 ONO. It is in good condition and they certainly stand the test of time.



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If you're after a baitrunner, get to A.m.a.z.o.n (i had to put the dots in the name cos it gets changed by the board automatically for some reason) at Wetherill Park QUICK!

They are having a big Shimano sale.

I picked up a BTR 4500B last week for $180. ($189 + my VIP card discount).

the 6500B are $199, 3500B are $179.

When I was there last week, they had already sold out of the 3500 and 6500 but were taking orders for a $10 deposit.

The sale ends this weekend by the way!

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