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wanted Yamaha 40 gearbox case


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Somehow my anti cavitation plate has broken (hydrofoil on it) and the piece has gone to davy jones locker. Im looking for a gearbox case. I have tried outboard wreckers, ebay, gumtree and cant find a thing except a whole leg for $900. Can anyone point me in the right direction for said part?...The hydrofoil is keeping me on the water but Im panicked about what may happen..Thx

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Guest Aussie007

its a problem i often see have u asked huey to see if he can order u one second hand? he will need to know the serial number and model number failing that if its a yamaha CV model i think the Vortex brands are compatible (dont hold me to that) with yamaha CV models u might be able to snag a new gearbox from huey as i think he's a Vortex dealer

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