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Goon creatures


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Popped down to Queenie Lagoon for a couple of one hour mid arvo sessions between various chores.

Scored a bit of variety on hair/feather homemade jigs and Strikepro blades.








Scored a few more flatties and little baby bream as well. And a couple more whiting, Best lizard was about 50cms, the rest 38-40cms. Eps about 32cms.

Last fella's a little crescent perch, a semi tropical visitor. They go like blazes for small fish, much faster and longer fight than same size baby bream. Got another as well.

Good fun for two 6o minutes sessions.

Sometimes pollution is good. No one takes fish from the goon. So toxic it killed an old fella a couple of years ago.

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G'day Tom, haven't seen a Bigeye Trev there Iin the past couple of years. Before that got a few of em and they are a total blast in shallow water on bream gear. Haven't even seen any Bigeye bust ups recently, but might just be I haven't been around when they've shown their presence. Haven't heard of any jacks or GHs recently either. But you never know at the goon. EPs though seem really healthy, have got em between 8cms and 43cms so healthy size range.

Pred-ator the Crecsent Perch (also called Crescent Grunter) are cool little critters. Razor sharp gill plate spikes too! he's on an angle which makes his tail look smaller than it is. Fiesty little fellas.

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G'day Iron, beach end. Just watch your backcast if fly fishing: may hook a jogger, nuclear family all on various bikes or a pet dog being taken on walkies! Labradors fight harder but jack russels jump like tarpon.

Goon still pretty dirty from recent heavy rains but worth a shot if you can time with last of rising tide. Stinky humid and threatening storms can switch the place on, but it's either ON or OFF, seems no in-between! Certainly don't wade if you have any cuts etc on feet/legs: that's how the old fella died. Even be careful around the margins which in some places are pretty muddy from recent high water levels.

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Crescent Perch,

i had one in my aquarium, it was sold to me called a target fish. it kept everything else in the tank on the move and i was told they were banned from sale cos they are bad news in the wrong waterways.

and well done on the home made gear.

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Golf course behind a notorious massive fish kill some years ago when an absolute idiot of an employee let weed killer drain into it. But main problem is years of nasty toxins, heavy metals etc washed into the goon from nearby industries. Now locked firmly into the mud/sand bottom, just like the upper harbour but on a smaller scale. Terrible, but if you can see any bright side, no one meat fishes the goon, so for a triny waterway its got quite a lot of interesting life! Massive mud crabs too.

Interesting about the aquaurium antics Stevefish; totally believe they'd be aggro and fight above their weight class!

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nice work there , been ages since i fished the goon -- i got a real bad case of giardiasis from there back in the 90's, just from holding flys and line in my mouth while rerigging.

can be loads of fun down there... like a lucky dip

cheers grant

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