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The mist lifted and the bass came out to play.

Day's Fishin

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Hit the upper Hawkesbury shrouded in mist and a little chilly for a summer morning.

Three adults and one little tiger in a small tinny looking to make a Sunday morning fishing trip a memorable one.

The mist lifted and the sun poured it's rays down on 4 miserable fisho's floating down the Hawkesbury still without as much as a follow.

It was around 9am before our efforts started to be rewarded with 5 bass landed within about 20minutes.

Then they stopped. We pounded the water for another 30 minutes or so for zilch.

Time to change location so we headed further up until we came to a nice looking snag, the tree was about 5meters out from the bank, it must have come down during the week as one of the boys fished there last week and it wasn't there then.

Right from the first cast we were getting smashed. We fished all around the snag and closer to the bank.

Pulled the boat out at 1pm with smiles on all dials.

The tally was 29 most of which were taken on Christmas beetles and spinners with 3'" purple grub.

Regards Jeff





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Guest hawkesbass

I have a van at ebenezer on the water and use too visit dargle ski park regularly next time i get the boat out ill have chase them bass

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