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Out for a duck


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Hi Raiders,

Took the Mrs and the Pug fishing for carp in our local lake yesterday.

Due to all the rain, the lake looks like chocolate milk and the ducks are extremely hungry (im assuming becuase knowone has been down there to feed them bread)

I burleyed for about 10 minutes before some carp came to play, most of the burley was eaten by the ducks though.

Managed 1 carp under 60cm, great fun on 4lb but other than that no action. It seems the water colour has put them off, they were thick as when it was clear?

Anyway, a duck swam past my line and must of got caught in the back or some but it took off like anything. I was using a daiwa generation black in 1-2kg with a shimano symmetre 1000 and i was down to backing in a matter of seconds, it was like i was flying a duck kite. I had to slowly put more pressure on so the bird tired, and safely landed. I didnt want to hurt the poor bugger. Anyway he safely landed back in the water but kept going crazy. I managed to wind him in and unhook him, he escaped minus 1 feather but now my reel is shot.

The drag clicker spring snapped and the drag washers worn out : (. Ive caught some decent salmon and carp on this reel but the reel isnt older than 3 months. I have put it in for warranty and im sure Shimano will replace the parts but i didnt think this would happen so soon? perhaps I got a lemon?


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I once hooked a duck back in the UK whilst fshing for Carp using floating crust. Insane sight, let alone playing the duck in the air lol.

I managed to get her in and unhook safely too.

As for your reel, not sure, but I reckon a crazed Duck might be more than the 1000 could handle lol.

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I have the exact same reel on one of my units (have had it about 2 years) and have pulled in some killer fish on it like a 3.5kg salmon and have had no issues at all with it, perhaps you did get a lemon. The only other thing I could think of if it wasn't the duck that screwed your drag washer was if you left the drag done up tight whilst the rod was in storage.Either way that is poo. Hope it gets sorted.

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