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Parra' Bream Session 30.7.05


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Had a great little session on the Parra' today.

Fished boats, jetties, pontoons, blah, blah, etc., you know the stuff... ;)

Finished with a total of 12 nice bream, plus a few undersized. Biggest of the 'legals' went 37cm, a number of the fish were in the early 30's to mid 30's size range. Pad Tues and Bug Ants did the damage, of course.

Also got absolutely 'monstered' by what I think was a very good bream, dropped a couple of nice fish and lost a flatty of about 65cm at the boat when just about to slide the net under. :05:

Weather was perfect, hardly any wind, water temperature up.. all in all a top day! :thumbup:

My apologies for the quality of the pics', not easy getting a good shot with a self timer and a face like mine! :badair::1prop:









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Ah man, what the hell am I doing wrong. :hitsfan:

Great looking breambo's there Joe. Just wish they would turn it on in the middle/upper Georges. :thumbdown:

Question on the Pad Tues, are you putting rattles in them? This is something that I am looking at doing, especially with the tube and thicker bodied type baits.



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