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mad march bassin

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Yes raiders thats right another monthly round up of my bassing adventures! I had five trips out over this month and have had a pretty good bit of success with every session resulting in one fish over 30cm. The first trip had me taking out one of my missus mates to get her onto some bass, unfortunately I was the only one to land fish she did get a few strikes and had a ball. My best fish of this trip was 32.5cm caught in a skinny run around an island on a surface lure


the following afternoon we headed out again, this time with my normal bassin partner (tom). so we decided to have a little competition between each other with a couple of lures as the prize. regulation size was 28cm to the fork with most fish winning. We ended in a tie with a last flurry of fish coming in 30 minutes from one hole where we caught 8 bass and 3 over 30cm in 3 casts! most fish were caught on surface lures and was very memorable session.


Next session only 2 decent fish were caught. One by tom after his line had found its way over a tree and ended up tea bagging the bass, the other was caught by me next to an ugly laydown, following the lure after it had a go at my chubby on the surface following it until the pause. This one went 33cm and was very healthy!



Next trip almost saw an identical session to the previous trip with similar snags resulting in good fish. the first good fish was next to the same laydown as last sessions big bass it was 32cm and almost bricked me! Tom got the next good fish that was just under 30cm, with the last good one going to me which was probably a fluke landing (thank god for 10lb mono!) as i cast my lure over a lay down unknown to me because of the little light i hooked up and got the fish to the log where she stayed until we got the tinny over and got her in. She measured 35cm.


the last session of the month took place on good friday where we fished sun up till sundown getting 24 fish but only 2 over 30cm. The morning kicked off to a flying start with a bass taken on a siglett in 4 casts, unfortunately from here the surface slowed and there was only one more decent hit all day, this resulted in me and tom using divers for the rest of the day. In saying this there were a few memorable catches, which thankfully for us were the two big fish! The first one was caught by tom but had an interesting lead up where i cast my siglett into a nice looking eddy and having a fish come up and try to demolish my siglett upon impact of the water but after no weight i let the lure float back up and gave it another wind with the water erupting again! only to have once again NO FISH, so i composed my self, sending another cast in. As the lure hit the water i had to wait 5 seconds this time for what i suspect was a barramundi impersonator hit it again.....twice.... after that i threw in the towed and told tom to throw his chubby in there and as he was rolling it out he got belted boat side and landed a solid 31cm bass!

The Best fish of the session (caught by me of course :icon_razz: ) was a sight i wont forget in a LONG time! This fish was hooked within sight of the boat. After a lobbed a cast into this small eddy in a very fast section of river, i let the lure sit seeing as clear as day a bass swim up from under his laydown to inspect the foreign object (as this is happening i tell tom to look!) where we see it sit under the lure making up its mind, me fighting every urge to move the lure.... Its mouth opens in what was in my mind slow motion sucking in the back end of my lure.... turning its head.... and making for shade.... as this is all happening i strike hard driving those small owner hooks home and letting the battle begin, the rest is a blur of underboat swims lunges for sticks and hidey holes.... but finally we land it and high fives are shared all round! on the ruler she goes with a final measurement of 38cm, some happy snaps were taken and a victory smile to a passing angler. released to fight another day! the rest of the day from this was slow to say the least loosing my favourite chubby..... but all of that is a minor inconvenience as what i saw was AWESOME!


I hope you all enjoyed the read!

Cheers Stu

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Well done mate!

Some lovely fish there.

Gotta love soft shells and sigletts. My favourite bass topwater for sure.

Cheers, Tom

Thanks tom, up until this season i hadnt used either lure. To say i am converted is an understatement! those lures are AMAZING.... but SHHHH its a secret

Living up to your user name Stu!

Great stuff mate & thanks for the pics & report.

I always look forward to them.

I haven't chased bass for ages so it's time to get off my butt I reckon!



Geeze grant your in river bass central! get out there it should be the perfect time of year to get them. I dont know what i am going to target with bass season ending soon :(

What a great series of trips mate. Sounds like some memorable captures and near dusting in the sticks....bass always keep you on your toes, lose concentration and you are gone.

You arent wrong poddy even the small ones have tried to brick me, some have even got the best of me and put my lures on some sticks luckily i could get them back.

Great report with some very nice fish. Well done :clapping:

Thanks for the replies and hope the report wasnt too long for you :1prop:

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Great read Stu, some nice fish there.You're really making the most of the surface bite. My last couple of sessions have been a little slow, hopefully It's been better for you. Look forward to the April report.

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Great work guys! Bass fishing is so much fun and you are consistently getting some good fish. Doing something right me thinketh. ;)

In the off season there is always Trout, Cod and Yellowbelly in the dams and rivers over the hills. That is what I am going to be focusing on... Particularly finding a trophy Trout in one of the dams to knock off my list of big fish to catch. Which still has most fish on it, perhaps I am setting my standards too high... Is a 1 metre Flatty, Jew, Cod or King too much to ask? hehehe.

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thanks for the replies guys, unfortunately this months reports might be a little light on the bass side. I havent been out in almost 2 weeks and i am going insane!

Dwag, Slow offerings are probably the best bet with smaller suspending lures probably to get the best results and moving towards penrith!

Jew stalker, I will be attempting the cod thing in a couple of weeks when I head up to canberra and hopefully I will connect to my first one! Also I dont think its to much to ask, just like is it too much to ask for me to get my first 1m Barra

Hodgey, that photo instantly reminded me of a barra (the bass sure hit like one). as I said above April is looking like its going to be a slow month, especially with 3 21st parties to be attending. Luckily this weekends one is up at Port Stephens where I will be harassing some flatty (any tips from the pro :1prop: )

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