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Dealing with Drummer


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Just have a question re drummer...is there a method the land the buggers when rock fishing over a shallow reef?

I encountered heaps today (felt like drummer)

every time I set the hook WHACK! down they go

I was aiming for bream and wrasse so was fishing with prawns on 5 lb line...

got to say I do love the fight till it gets dirty and I get reefed.

Would love to develop a tactic to pull the buggers out.


El Feroz

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That's your problem line class need a minimum 10kg line and a 7 wrap rod alvey reel. Rig small pea sinker running down to strong 1 to 1/0 hook or if over shallow reef perhaps a small bobby cork set around 4 to 5 feet.When you get the tap tap bite and rod starts to load time to strike and hang on.Dont give them an inch show no mercy skull drag them you will get busted off occasionally but you will win most battles.Shoudnt be too long before we see some photos of 2kg plus drummer happy days ahead.Bait cunje or peeled banana prawn.Berley with bread.

Cheers Steve

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Hi Mate,

don't forget the plastics.

I got the first and still the second biggest drummer fishraider record on a plastic,

6 wrap carbon fibre rod

Alvey 650C locked up

7Kg mono - its what I had on the reel in the 90s

Chartruese gulp swimming mullet 3/8 2/0 jig head

The bugger reefed me, but I recognised what was going in and went slack on him for a few minutes.....

when he started moving again, I damn near broke the rod keeping his head up and managed to wash him onto a shelf.

Never give up!

If you are snagged with a fish on, he's probably not smart enough to have gone around a reef, just under it

He's gotta come out sometime!

Big bream off the rocks do the same thing.

Just be patient!



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Thanks for the info guys

I wasn't really aiming for them but recently I have been getting sunk quite easily more often..

I will up my line and use my larger rod.

Its an odd place this reef as you can pull in bream, sweep and Trevelyan then 6000 rock cale and then sharks and drummer

I can never pick which is going to come up.

I have noticed an increase in the nibble nibble then slam then I go to set the hook or retrieve.

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