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Searching for Mr Marlin

Scent Blazer Lures

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As Sydney was holding the Little Audrey Peter Goadby Memorial Tournament over the past weekend we decided we would get out among with the other 40 odd boats fishing the tournament and see if we could raise a few fish for ourselves.


Picking up the crew before re fuelling.

The predicted conditions raised our hopes and the hopes of many others I’m sure… light winds, no swell and blue water was the prediction for the weekend, we were just hope the fish got the memo and come to the party. Our plan was to head northeast via the Sydney FAD and then the Manly Hydraulics swapping the lures in 80 fathoms.

As we ran up the harbour the conditions were perfect, it was like a mirror, absolutely no wind!! Our first stop was to grab the crew and then fuel the boat before heading to north head were we would set our spread…


Making our way up the harbour, no boats besides ferries to be seen

After approaching north head we loaded the chambers in our Scent Blazers with Pilchards and mackerel, the plan was to run our spread behind the Trollpro to capture anything that comes up on the lures. We are now able to successfully run 4 lures perfectly in shot!! So we ran 5 smaller Scent Blazers to and around the FAD and Hydraulics buoy than add a few larger Scent Blazers once we got into slightly deeper water.

As we rounded north head we were greeted by working birds so with the lures in the water our anticipation grew but as we go closer we could see schools of slimies with no apparent predators… this continued for several hundred meters.


Blue warm water full of bait but no fish to be seen...

After unsuccessfully working the bait in close we headed for the FAD with two high-speed lures out in the event we crossed anything on our way. A mile before the buoy out went the trollpro and we set the spread around it. The first pass yielded zeros as did the second and third but we could see micro dollies jumping around, when I say micro I mean 30cms!! So off to the Hydraulics Buoy a mile nor east, the same situation played out with micro dollies jumping around showing absolutely no interest in our offerings.


The FAD resembled a carpark like situation...


Our troll cam out rigger, this helps get the camera in the clear water for a clean shot!!

With the water an electric blue, 23.8 degrees and full of bait and current lines it looked extremely fishy!! We had changed the spread and pushed noreast in search of Mr Marlin… bait littered the oceans surface with frequent temp breaks but still, no predatory fish to be seen until we got a strike!! After a short tussle we boated this small striped tuna!!


A nice stripy took a sardine lure loaded with sardine, they cant resist the bait in the lures...


This Stripy couldnt resist eating a Scent Blazer loaded with bait even though he was full!!

As we continued into the afternoon the weather got better but the fishing didn’t, and into the night we trolled for not much more than a small stripie…

Seems as though we weren’t the only boat going relatively fishless, many boats fishing the tournament didn’t see a fish. It’s been a hard season but seems the water has turned up with bait and hasn’t changed in a week; maybe the fish aren’t far behind. Lets keep our fingers crossed.


With all the slimey mackerel in the area we decided to load a Scent Blazer Green Mackerel with actual pieces of fresh mackerel!!


Hope at the end of the rainbow?

Want to know how to set up your lures for high speed trolling?

Watch this and find out:

Get your Scent Blazers at


Until the next bite…

Tight Lines



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