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Hi Alberto,

There is a track which leads into the back of the dam, however you are not allowed to access the dam this way.

The only public access which is allowed by Delta Electricity who own the property, is via the dirt road which leads up to the car park.

I actually saw two motorbike riders come in through the back way last week, access the dam property and use the property for three hours or so, tear arsing everywhere, even going flat out across the dam wall several times!

I couldn't believe it. If Delta cotton on to this kind of activity, then we may be in jeopardy of them closing the dam altogether.

So my advice to you Mate is stick with the normal access via the carpark, and hopefully we'll all have the pleasure of fishing this amazing waterway for years & years to come.



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That's the way we used to get in before it was actually open to fishing ... And before the 10 or 20 grand fine they imposed for getting caught before it officially opened, lol.. There was a few fly rods broken doing the bolt thats for sure ! its just a short drive through private property ..( it was a very long time ago ...but If you buy enough beers for the locals at the alexander hotel rydal .. or maybe they drink at Wang now ??? and the right guy is there you might be able to

drive down and jump the fence). Beats walking in from the front ;)

Good luck !


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