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Heading to lake st Clair nsw

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The ABT has just visited ST Clair and it was a tough bite (check out australianbass.com.au for results) ST Clair this time of year I would start by sounding around points and looking for a common depth the fish are at. From that slow rolling 1.5-2 inch slider style soft plastics on 1/8-1/4oz jig heads and a size 2 hook. 4lb braid and 6lb leader through schooled fish or cast at the weed banks and rolled back to the boat keeping in contact with the bottom. Smaller blades will also work in this area with a hop/roll retrieve. If fish are in 30ft+ sitting low in the water column holding above these fish and drop a grub style soft plastic (zmans and gulp minnow grubs are favourites) to the fish watching the sounder the whole time and as slowly as the lure wriggles bring it through the fish (as seen on sounder) and be patient waiting for the rod to load up (don't strike!) and keep winding, drop back down and repeat!

Hope this helps good luck on your trip and look forward to your report.

Cheers stuart

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