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Kioloa ocen boat ramp


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The ramp is accessed by driving to Bawley Point, off the Princes Highway, and then 7km south to Kioloa. The local Marine Rescue is based at the ramp. The ramp is protected from the weather on the south side by a rock wall. Brush Is is a few km to the north and probably provides a bit of protection from bad weather. There is a gently sloping beach north of the ramp and smaller boats can be pulled up on this beach. The ramp is concrete with a good surface - one lane to begin but just before the water it widens to 2 lanes. I'd be inclined only to use it if I had a mate with me to drive the boat while I parked the car after launching or backed the trailer in coming home. But I'm sure experienced locals use it solo. Plenty of parking, but the fish cleaning table is just a frame and needs work by the local council. It's not up to the standard of other fish cleaning tables on the south coast. There are toilets at the Marine Rescue building.

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I believe the fish cleaning table deliberately has no top, as the weather can be quite harsh there and it would be wrecked. locals bring their own cutting boards and plop them on the frame. there is no running water for rinse, but as you are often ankle deep whilst cleaning it is not a problem, salt water should be used for cleaning fish anyway for best flavour. apparently planning approvals for a new fish cleaning table are frightening things to go through, so there is often something you can use as a table

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I go to Kiola every year from boxing day to the 12th Jan.... this year I will be taking the new boat. yay

Put in at this ramp plenty of times, even off the sand. (got the wifes car bogged once, lol) anyhow, I was wondering where I can clean my motor on return?

We stay at the pretty beach campground and there are no facilities? Anyone know of a tap I can hook up to to run fresh water through the new motor?

I know most places have tank water down there.


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