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Marlin On Tv Tonight


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Just for information for any who may be interested

I saw the prmo a few days ago on ABC's Catalyst program. They are running a segment on the lifecycle of marlin and it looks ok. I think it will be worth a watch tonight

Program goes to air at 8:00pm Thursday night 4th August 2005 for normal ABC viewers.


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Hi Martin, I saw it advertised last night, looks really good. :thumbup:

I guy had a tiny Marlin Fry just out of the egg swimming around in a little dish and was checking it out under a microscope. :1yikes:

Fascinating and should be a good doco I reckon.


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The show was absolutely brilliant, it really makes you appreciate what an amazing creature they are and how much we need to preserve our oceans, but when you see how minute it is it really does make you worry. I think what we can all look forward to is the research that will be done in the future.

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I agree Knappers, what a terrific show!! :1clap:

How are those little fellas?? Awsome aren't they and so agressive, they don't appear afraid of anything and they're only a few centimetres long.

And... when they're fry they have teeth and feed on each other and anything else they can get in their choppers - like the scientist said, just as well they lose them when they get bigger or they'd be a really scary fish!! :1yikes:



Oh..., but... how did you like that vision of all those game boats gunning the throttle all at once at the beginning of the bill fish tournament in Hawai and speeding out to sea. Awsome and got my blood pumping. :1naughty::1naughty:

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I enjoyed the show.

It showed what gutsy little things they are at such an early stage of development.

I cannot think of anything that starts off so small fending for its self and grows so big.

Watching it swim, you can see the power it posses and develops to become one of the holy grails of fishing that anglers desire to capture.

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