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Trolling with lights in lures

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Hey all,

Using lights in your lures can be an effective way to make your lures stand out on those overcast days, early mornings, later afternoons and even at night!!

The LEDs and glowsticks can also be very effective turing the day to enhance the colours of the skirt.

Check out this video on how the lures with lights look in different situations during the day, early afternoon and even in the dark.

These Big Bluefin were caught on Scent Blazers with lights in the heads and at night!





Have a read on why Scent Blazer lures are the most versatile lure on the market!


Get your Tuna lures now before the season gets into full swing.



Remember to add your promotional code to receive 10% off the total purchase!!

Promotional Code: Sportsfisherman

Cant wait for these barrels to turn up!!

Tight Lines



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