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Guest Jocool

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Guest Jocool

I had big plans for my Friday's Where Is....

Had a trip out to Gunnadah. I thought I would grab a couple of piccies of either Glenbawn, Lake St Clair, or any of the the other waterways such as the Namoi of Hunter. But unfortunately I didn't get a chance. :thumbdown:

Its a bloody long drive to Gunnadah in a truck. And when you factor in that I need to be making Log Book enteries and have prescribed rest stops, it left very VERY little time for sight seeing. It was a 14 hour day with 12 of them behind the wheel....so I just scraped it in as far as the time goes. :1prop:

What was interesting, and a bit disheartening to see, was the very poor state that some of the rivers are actually in. :( The Hunter for instance, is nothing much more than a mud puddle at Singleton. :wacko: It seemed in very sad condition on the couple of places I passed over it. The Namoi was also looking rather ordinary. On the other hand, a feeder into the Namoi called Connoly Ck. I think, seemed relatively healthy.

I did see a rather good looking stream running along side the Highway around Breeza/Willow Tree. It seemed to be in great shape. Most of what I could see was a crystal clear stream of water bubbling over pebly shores and in some places some gravel. In some places it ran into some good looking pools, and then exited over some rocky little rapids. There is still hope. :thumbup:

Seeing this got me to thinking....Is it better to have a large stagnant body of water, or a good flowing smaller stream?

I would think that the flowing water would be better as it would be in better condition to sustain life....Oh well....nuff rambling. :thumbup:

If nothing else, this trip has opened my eyes to what really is out there. I know the drought is taking its toll, but we shouldn't give up hope. :thumbup:

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