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Let there be carp!


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I spent 2.5 hrs yesterday in the upper georges river carp fishing. I just used white bread with chook pellets for burley. managed two fish in that time, they werent huge but they were big enough...

The first cam in at just under 4kg and was missing a pectoral fin. this is the second fish i have caught with a missing pectoral fin now.


the second fish was a mere 2.6kg but pulled a lot harder so initially i thought it was a much bigger fish. the difference being it was in better overall condition and a lot leaner


not a bad day all up.


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summer of winter, it doesnt worry them. I dont have much experience with carp yet but i have noticed in my spot that in summer they are more likely to top feed and go in the shallows, during winter they stay in the deeper water. not sure if its the same everywhere tho.

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Carp seem to slow down a bit in regards to feeding during winter, but come spring time they eat whatever they see. Definitely more active during the warmer months probably because of more food being available.

But it doesn't matter what time of the year you catch them, using a bream stick with 4lb silly string is great fun, just use a decent landing net.

And if you haven't caught a carp before, be aware.....they STINK!

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