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Fuel Tank Problems


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G'day guys

Just wonder if any one has had experience with fuel tank problems

Went to fill up at the servo on the way to the FR Salmon day and found that the pump kept clicking off at any sort of reasonable flow rate

Ended up filling the tank at the rate of 1 litre every 15 seconds. four litres a minute which ended up at over twenty five minutes :1yikes: ,with the pump clicking off all the time, to put in 90 ltrs.

Glad I hadnt run the tank nearly empty, 150 ltrs would have taken forever :1badmood:

The last coule of times I have filled I noticed the same problem but not as bad as it was on Sunday morning.

The story is 150 ltr underfloor tank, filling through the side of the centre console, with two vents at the back in the engine well.

My suspicion is that I have some form of blockage in the vent lines.

Any one had a similar problem???

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Guest Jocool

Check your vents for hornets nests or similar! Seen that before.

Another problem that I had with mine, is that there was a slight kink in the hose that feeds the tank. Could that be an issue? Or has someone stuffed arag down there???? :wacko:

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Guest bluecod


At some point your vent tubes hang lower than the inlet point for them and you're getting fuel, that has splashed into them, sitting in them and acting like a blockage.

Fairly common problem.

If you can access the breather pipes, lift them so any fuel splash drains back into the tank or alternatively remove the breather end and physically blow the fuel back into the tank. You may have to do this every time you fill up which is a pain in the bum, but at least you'll fill up quicker. Alternatively, they may have been cut too long resulting in a sag point, see if you can take the sag out by shortening them.

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Guest Jewel

My car does similar in SOME servos ..... I find that if I dont insert the nozzel all the way it resolve the drama for me in most cases. I am not sure but there appears to be an setting on fuel pumps for "back pressure"?

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my friggen car does the same thing... if i push the pressure past a certain point it f's up on me... doesnt seem to be as bad as yours (i do 20 bucks worth in roughly 3-4 mins) but it still takes a reasonably longer time to put 20 bucks in compared to the other car...

i originally thought it was a problem with the opening to the tank because when you stick the hose in it, it goes in all the way to the handle no probs, the other car has a restricter which only allows about half the pump to go in and flows briliantly.

as i said... ANNOYING!


The trick for me was to turn the nozzle 90 degrees to the right :thumbup:

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