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Mr Squidy

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HI Raiders, In about two weeks i'm off to Europe for a mates wedding in London and then looking at spending a month in Europe bouncing around between England, Barcelona, Berlin, Morocco and Iceland. Whilst buying a new travel pack the other day I of course couldn't help but also pick up a little pfluger five piece, 6'6" 2-4kg, travel rod which i'm planning to bring along just for some fun. I think the most likely spot i'll have time to flick a line for a few days will be Iceland for either Cod, Halibut and the like in the ocean or Trout, Arctic Char and Salmon in the rivers/lakes although i may get a spare day or two in one of the other spots as well.

So, the big question to all the raiders out there is what lures should I be taking?? I was thinking at this stage of maybe three packs of gulp with a mix of maybe some crabbies, a squid vicious and a 6" Jerk Shad and then a couple of vibes? Whats everyone's thoughts?

Also, if any raiders have ever fished Iceland, especially around Reykjavik, then i'd love to hear any advice!!

Thanks in advance guys and if i do manage a few unusual captures over there i'll be sure to post some pics.


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