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Central Coast Sambos


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Landed 2 salmon off the beach this afternoon and dropped a 3rd in shorebreak. All on surf poppers, the pilles didn't get touched.

Been a long week at work so was keen to get out this arvo, knocked off as soon as I could grabbed my rod and backpack and headed down onto the sand. Have been using squid lately but changed it up with a paternoster rig with a surf popper and pille. Hit the beach at about 3.45 and had the first sambo on the sand at 4pm. Was a good size speciemen, ran straight for the shore on hook up, so had to crank the Alvey like madman. Thought I'd lost it until it leapt at the shorebreak and made a dash back out sea, but was able to wash it up no problems.



Pulled the popper out and speared it back into the surf. Rigged a fresh pillie on the bottom gang and cast back out. 10 minutes later another one a bit smaller was on the beach after doing a few flips. No picture of this one as I couldn't be bothered untangling my headphones from phone again (as you can see from the 1st pic the headphone lead has a life of it own!). Scooted it back into the surf and rigged again. Another 10 minutes or so and on again, this time I lost it in the shorebreak when it jumped. Was only a few feet away from where I was standing but saved me having to unhook it.

Nothing after that, headed back for a homebrew at about 6pm. All 3 on the surf popper, pretty happy about that and all 3 released to be caught again hopefully some other time. So there's still plenty of sambos about the Central Coast, hoping the tailor come back on the bite soon.

Good luck over the weekend!

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Did the green popper caught all of the sambos???

Yeh mate, green has always produced for me, never had anything on red but white and blue have also seen fish. I never fish a pillie off the beach without a popper just to further the bait options.

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Thinking about checking out either the entrance beach or putty this afternoon to chase a few.

What beach was this if you don't mind sharing

This was about half way up Wamberal beach. I've heard theres some good fish coming out of the Entrance from a mate at work, but I haven't fished there myself. Was a small window yesterday at Wamberal, 30mins before the bite vanish and that was around 4pm.

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well done mate, i find them harder to catch as the warmer weather moves in

there always fun to catch


Yeah I get the odd one through summer they seem to be a lot more solitary at that time of the year. I'm always stoked when I catch a fish and good old Aussie salmon rarely disappoint.

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