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Thanks Purefishing!


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A big thanks to Purefishing for supplying the Fishraider crew that just returned

from Weipa with hats, tech shirts, plastics, jigheads & a rod & reel for some field testing.

The shirts were great for the tropics, kept us covered but cool, dried fast & did their job well.

The hats are a must, of course!

The 4" split belly powerbaits were my go to plastic that nailed a stack

of fish including my p.b queenfish & many firsts of a species. They are dynamite

& we used every single one! I wish I had more!!

I never straightened one of the new nitro jig heads & the 1/4 & 3/8ths were spot on for the

split bellies & fishing we were doing.

The ABU Velocity 6/10kg baitcaster was incredibly light & very sensitive.

Matched with the ABU Revo Inshore & 20lb crystal fireline it is a weapon of an outfit that nailed

plenty of top fish. It now has my teeth marks in the grips though from the photos!!

I highly recommend this combo for anyone looking for a baitcaster combo that can

be cast all day & used for various fishing situations.

I think I'm going to cry when I have to give it back....

Thanks again fellas!



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Saw the ABU velocity range at BLAH BLAH BLAH. Couldn't believe how light and well balance they were. Will definately be my next rod. Problem is, I gotta break one to replace one (missus rules). Nice to hear about them in use, though.. Strengthens my argument to buy one. And well priced, too.

Sorry to hear you have to return yours.

Thanks for the report, Grant.



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That baitcasting outfit sounds very nice Grant. It would be very handy on the Greenfish!

Too right Skip!

If I still have it when my next trip out west comes around

it will be the outfit I take for sure.

I can't believe how light & sensitive the rod is for it's 6-10 kg rating.



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