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Finally picked up my new boat (445 Hornet).!.!. :1clap: now I can maybe meet few of you guys sometime. Looking fwd to playing with it tommorrow and running in the motor. The family business I bought the boat from where excellent!

I uploaded a pic in members boats.(still finding my way around)

Have a good week end!

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Did you sleep in it last night? :1prop:

Great feeling is'nt it! Good on ya buddy. :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:


Thanks Adamj,

yeh slept but I was up before the sun this morning, had to clear the garage to house the boat...now I will have to have a garage sale. Why do we hoard so much stuff that we just might use 'one day'.

cheers mate

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Took the new 445 HT out on the Nepean to run in the motor. I am sooo happy with this boat !!!! ...it fangs along.... the Dealer I bought it from took it out and adjusted it and it really does hummmmm... so one very happy fella !!!!

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