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fishingnoob gets a PB - Great arvo


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G'day Raiders,

Fishingnoob (Matt) and I hit our local lake yesterday arvo.

We thought we would try a different area of the lake as we heard it was holding bigger fish. Got to the spot and burleyed with bread on the bottom and the top and it wasnt long before some good sized submarines surfaced.

I waved Matt over he casted a bait right on top of one. Few seconds later his reel is screaming and up comes a 60cm Carp. Length wise, not much bigger from what we have been catching but this thing was so fat and tall. The weight was unbelievable.

I will be down there with the 6WT this weekend for additional laughs lol.

We chase them on 4lb so its nothing but laughs. Great fish, great fight and great company as always.

Well done on your PB Matt!

Cheers, Stan


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