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Who wants to come fishing?


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Hi Guys

I have Tuesday off work & just turns out the weather is looking pretty good.

If you have the day off and interested in joining in send me a PM.

Most likely be launching from Cooks river, either fishing the Peak or trolling between the Peak & the Shelf.

usual conditions apply - Chip in for running costs , No alcohol! , must have happy - easy going personality.


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Yeah that was my plan but no one wanted to join me, I was tempted to go alone but the :wife: put a stop to that idea!

Sorry, also wish I threw a sicky, although work provided me with a mcdonalds.

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Hi Brett, my husband Greg and I love fishing. We'd love to come out wide one day.

We like general sport fishing bonito, tuna, mahi mahi etc when on. Would love to catch more kings and snapper too as have not had so much luck with those species. Greg also loves diving for crays.

We have own gear and boat lisenses. Happy to share costs.

We live at Bronte so cooks river is quite close.

Take care Mel

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