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PB surface bass - 11/10/13


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Had a quick late arvo bass flick late last week. Having hear that the surface bite is underway I was keen to give it a try. Only problem was that I had none of my favourite bass topwaters on me... Tied on a Maria Pencil (one of the best bream stickbaits around) and gave it a go. After 10 minutes it was engulfed by a cracker of a bass. After steering it away from the snags, it came in fairly easily. Measured it up top be 42.5cm to the tip and 40 TTF (to the fork). Nearly beat my overall lure pb just missing out by half a cm. I think it would be fairly safe to say that stick baits are an option on bass after finding out first hand.


Cheers, Tom

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Good stuff tom aways sending me mad fish when im working keep it up.ill give you the heads up on how the banana boat goes man at least i won't cry as much as i would losing a bent

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