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Campbelltown carping...


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I spent most of yesterday morning waiting for my wife to get up... Noon came and she still hadn't surfaced (her sleeping patterns are out of whack), so i grabbed my gear and headed down to my carp hole. I had a good scan around once there to see what was happening and there were quite a few cruising on the surface so i set up my gear and burlyed a bit with both sinking and floating burley... they just werent interested in the burly at all, in fact they werent feeding at all...

from here on it was corn, no weight and sight fishing. after 2 hours i saw a dark shape cruising the shallows just a few mtrs in front of me and cast in frnt of it. my bait disappeared, i struck and set the hook. the reel screamed for only 3 meters as the fish came up to the surface and seemed to look at me before steaming off towards a fallen tree. I did all I could to stop the bugger but it busted off... I didnt stand a chance on my 2kg gear, it would easily have been a pb :)

I stayed on till 4.30 but with no hits, in fact after 2.30 all the fish seemed to disappear... this is weirding me out a little.

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Your PB on 2kg gear? You are shooting for the moon eh? ;) I have noticed that you like to go light but sometimes you just need to pack a bigger punch, especially in that little hole you frequent... There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of running room from what I have seen in your pics.

Perhaps go back with at least 2-5kg or 3-6kg and try again with at least an 8lb leader. Might be in for a bit more of a shot and still have some great fun. Look at the bright side though, at least you are getting onto them again. Wont be long till they are consistently active again and ready to fight over your offerings.


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I dont really have a rod suitable for heavier stuff. I have 4.5kg gear for spinning from the rocks (yeah i like to fish light) but the rod is like 11-12 foot, way long. maybe i should invest in a 6 foot spin rod. :/




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For the carp in your pool a 6ft rod 3-6kg would be perfect. You only really need a longer rod for long casts so if you are mainly going to fish there that would be fine. It will also give you great fish handling abilities with the shorter rod also. There is a huge range out there to choose from at all budgets and lets face it, it is a great excuse to get more stuff hehehe. It will also double up well as a snapper rod on a boat if you get out onto the reefs with some soft plastics. ;)

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Great shots!

Stick with the light gear. We regularly pull 6-8kg carp on 2kg mono(my seven year old even gets into them). Getting caned is all part of the fun, you will be done by a few but you'll also get your share.

The ones in your pics look like prime targets for small hardbodies.........



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