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the drough has been broken


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I set out early this morning in all the smoke for a bit of fishing at my local hole. the fish seemed to be feeding at the time so maybe mornings are best for now...

any how, i hooked 2 small fish and managed to land one... so finally my drought has been broken. it was less than 2kg but i still had fun with it and still almost lost it in a fallen tree.




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Nice work Ving, good to see them coming back on for you. Did you catch it on the fly? I am keen to get out and give my fly gear its maiden voyage but living in the Blue Mountains I do not want to venture very far at the moment because of these fires and don't want to get cut off in closed roads away from my family so going west is not an option at the moment. I really want to break it in on a trout but a bass or carp may be the safer option currently.


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