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Hunter River Bass


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G'day Raiders,

The weather has warmed up heaps the last week or so where I live so me and the young bloke have been stalking some Bass the last few afternoons in the Hunter River (Muswellbrook area).

All our fishing is land based and so involves walking the banks finding likely looking snags to cast at and we've landed 10 or so fish in 3 afternoons so far. All fish taken have been on the surface with the old jitterbug accounting for most of them. Biggest was at 31cm but the young fella pulled the hooks on a cracker tonight with the jitterbug so theres some big beasts around.

The fish don't seem to be interested in any diving lures or plastics just yet but I'm sure they'll fire up more as it gets warmer. Most blokes with kayaks have said that small shrimp are getting most fish at the moment but it's just not as much fun. The young blokes first in the dark on surface scared the crap out of him and now he's got the Bass bug!




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Don't worry I'm not disappointed they're only taking surface lures, it is the most exciting way to catch them after all!

Over the last couple of afternoons I've walked for miles and found some awesome new spots so I'll have heaps more to report soon. They mustn't be letting much water out of Glenbawn because the water temp is very warm and it's flowing nice and slowly so it looks like it'll be a cracking Bass season in the river.

There's just something extra satisfying about landing them off the bank without getting bitten by Brown snakes!

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